Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why I've Been So Absent

Yup, it's been a month since I last posted.


May I just say, I'm AWFULLY sorry. Not only was I not posting, but I was super absent from the AJ Blogger community as well. I barely commented on you guys's posts. I'm really, really sorry.

The main problem for my absence was school. I just started this week but I've been preparing a lot and so I was really, very busy. Our school gives out a huge book of homework for us to do in Summer Vacation and I was busy doing that too. I'm in a higher grade now, and in just 6 months or so, I'll be starting High School. I'm planning on going to a High School with really strict but great education and so preparing for it is really tough. I barely have anytime to watch a single tv show episode nowadays and getting on my computer and writing a post for an hour straight is just out of question. (I'm doing that right now because I have a few day offs right now lol)
With that said, I don't think I'll be able to post when I have school going on. I don't really know about Weekends, though.

There's just one more ''teeny tiny'' problem, I've lost my interest in Animal Jam. I've been playing AJ for over 3 years and I know that some people haven't lost their interest even when they've been playing since the beta days but I tend to get bored out of stuff quickly and it's a miracle that only now I've completely started to get bored out of AJ. Of course, I could still play for all the amazing people that I've met through the game but because of our different timezones, I'm usually not online when they are. We all get tired of something at one point or another and I'm hoping you guys will understand.
Now, I'm not saying I'm completely giving up on AJ and posting. I'll still be reading AJ posts and watching AJ related videos and posting whenever I have the time. I'll actively be talking to you guys on social media. It'd be just sad if I quit now so I can't do that. I'm just saying that it'd be hard for me be super active or anything on here.

Anyways, I think that's all I had to say. Bye!
(Hehe, that's a signature I made for myself on MS Paint in 2014. Ah, nostalgia. XDD)

Friday, 28 July 2017

Testing The New AJ Beta App!

Hey there! You're probably surprised to see me FINALLY posting. I'm so sorry for the lack of posts these days. I don't have ANY ideas for posts but I have plenty of time. -.- I'll be SUPER busy after August 15th as school is starting. I'm in a higher grade now and studies are very hard. I'll explain more in an upcoming post but for now, I wanted to tell you guys:
The AJ app's link is finally out! I don't know if any Blogger has posted about this before or not but I'm still gonna post this hoping that at least 1 person out there doesn't know that it got released. XD

Of course, this AJ app is still in it's beta testing stage so it hasn't been out on the official AJ website yet. But Snowyclaw has given us a  link on her AJ blog, ''Animal Jam Archives''.
Without further ado, here's the link to Snowy's blog post from where you can download the AJ app:
Yes, the links there are totally safe. I even tested them out! But make sure you ask your parents for permission, they might not want you downloading stuff behind their back. XD

This app took me quite a while to download as my computer is really old but if you have a newer computer, I can be almost certain that it'll take just a minute or two.
(It was stuck there for at least a good 5 minutes or so. :P )
I was creepily satisfied by the loading screen, for some reason. Maybe it was just because I was super excited for actually playing AJ in full screen. I've been wanting to play AJ in full screen and good quality for AGES. I just don't like small screens. :P

EEEEK, it was so fun playing AJ on this app. Of course, it's the same but FULLSCREEEEEN. XD 
The only problem was that it was really lag. But it's probably because of my old computer too. 

I have no idea why I took a picture of the shop. lol

And of course, good news for all the artists out there. You can now draw in full screen too! XD I'm so happy about this because I literally could NOT draw in such a small screen. Thanks so much for this app, AJHQ. lol
I know all I did in this post was appreciate the full screen but there are many more things that are better about the AJ app than the normal website. One thing that I really like is that all the Flash problems you have to deal with on the browser are no longer here on this app. I definitely recommend downloading this app. 
I won't be using this as my default platform to play AJ on, though. It's really laggy for me, but if you have a faster computer then you're good to go. XD 
I'm so sorry for the bad grammar/badly worded sentences in this post. I'm in a really large hurry as I have to work on a drawing too and dad's not at work so I should probably not spend too much time on my computer. I'll see you all in my next post. Bye for now!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Random Post

Hello there! How are you all doing? :D I know, I know. I haven't posted in ages. I can explain.

You guys: Oh boy, here goes Purple making excuses again...
Me: Ok, ok, I'm sorry! But it's not my fault that my computer has an awful wi-fi connection and AJ doesn't load. >,<
You guys: Yea, we guessed.


As you can probably tell by the title, this post is gonna be random because I still have no ideas for original posts. I'll just be showing you all some edits I made and stuff. XD This post is really not going to be special but something is better than nothing, am I right?

So, a week or two ago, I downloaded Medibang Paint on my PC! If you don't know what that is, it's basically a painting program that has a lot of tools used for editing so I decided that I'd just use it as an editing program instead of a drawing program. I don't have a drawing tablet so drawing with a mouse is just too painful. XD Anyways, the first edit I made was this one:
I know, it's very cringey, but that's just how my edits these days are. lol But it's purple and VERY sparkly, so I won't complain. XDD
The other one is an edit I made for Lostfairy. I really wanted to practice my editing and so I begged her to let me make an edit for her. LOL
For some reason, I feel like this one's better than the first one I showed you guys but it's still not perfect. I kinda wish I hadn't added that star in the centre, it looks weird! XD 

And now here I am, scaring little kids in the Summer Carnival.

Yea, I'm weird. I know that very clearly. XD

Aaaaand, now I'm going to show you all some of my Eggstravaganza pets that I got before my membership expired a while ago. I'm gonna have to get on my storage for this one since AJ doesn't let you see your member pets once you've turned non-member. >,<
Oh, so I did get 2 platypuses! I've been thinking that I didn't have any platypus this whole time. O,O But that's a very boring look she has going on there. XD

She looks cute! :3 And that triangle on her head is kinda cool. :D

Here's the last pet that loaded. I feel like I've shown this one to you guys before because it's quite old, but I don't know... Hmm... XD But still, she likes pizza like (the majority of people and) I do! :P
Anyways, that's it for this very small post. I'm sorry, I just didn't have any good ideas. I hope that the next post will be better but until then, goodbye!