Saturday, 2 December 2017

So Many Things to Catch Up On!

Hello Jammers! Purple here! :D How are you all doing? I've been feeling really happy and energetic (which is really unusual for me XD) ever since December started. Probably because winter is just awesome. I love winter way too much. Especially since I don't have exams this time around. lol

Anyways, as I promised in my last post, I'll be checking out all the new things that have come to AJ in the past 2 months. Some of these things were complete surprises while I did see some of the new features from Youtube and other social media but I had fun looking at all that AJHQ had added. While I did ''like'' the new features, I really felt like they've gotten too obsessed with diamonds. But that's just my opinion.

First, I wanted to check out this...
R.I.P Club Geoz.
While this place looks really good and we can learn a lot about the alphas and stuff, I still miss Club Geoz. I do know that AJ worked super hard on this new room so I'll give them that. 
Not trying to be a party-pooper buuuut this was pretty sneaky of AJHQ to do. A second ''diamond shop'' thing for armors and things like that. :P As if 2 weren't enough.

You guys: Ok, Purple. STOP BEING SO SALTY. 
Me: K, I'll stop but I won't forgive AJHQ for getting rid of my Club Geoz. :V
You guys: Just, shut up.
Me: Ok. :C
Jk, they're cute. (Sure) 
The new pets are honestly really nice. I like the dolphins. 
(Yes, I'm aware that the pandas and koalas aren't new lol)

I wanna hug it. XD *squeeeeeeze*

Pinky the Flamingo?! :O (If you're my buddy, you might know who I'm talking about. XDD)
In all seriousness, the new animals are really cute. I like them. XD
I want one of these so, so much but sadly, I'm a non-member. AJHQ needs to make one of these for non members. Pretty please? XD These items are really creative. I love them so much!
I was super confused during this adventure. I wasn't really giving it my all so that's probably why but I'm glad AJHQ is adding new adventures and stuff into the game. It's nice. :3
(I know this isn't new but some of the items are.)
I love the fireplace. :o
(This isn't new either but I bought everything because I forgot how hard diamonds are to earn as a non member. R.I.P)

Ok, I LOVED this room so, so much! I love the aesthetic and the mysterious vibes it gives off and ah, I just love it. XDD
Why though?
Those were all the things I found on AJ. Let me know if you think I forgot to check out something big. That's all for now! 
Peace out. <3

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