Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm sorry..

Uhm.. Hi. I feel pretty awkward posting this but.. >,<
I'm taking this blog down. Wow, it's weird that I quit, came back, quit again and then came back again but this is my final decision.
Why? You might ask.
Well, there's nothing to post about in Animal Jam. Yes, making item posts were pretty fun but it was fun back then when I actually had something to post about. There are many types of videos I can make and I can make them again and again but blogging the same thing becomes boring for the viewers and for me too and even if I did a new thing, it would probably be boring.
Now, just because I don't have something to blog about in Animal Jam. Doesn't mean I have to stop blogging. So I will make a new blog that isn't about Animal Jam but my life. Many new things have been going on recently in my life and I might make a series telling more about me. :)

R.I.P My Little Jammers (well not for now. X3)

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