Thursday, 22 October 2015

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Hi... Hope you still remember who I am. XD
Oh my goodness, I missed you all so much.. No, I'm not back but I honestly do want to start posting again. I was wrong about Youtube. I have almost 100 subscribers on Youtube but none of them are my friends. There's a completely different method to make friends on Youtube. Since I have been blogging and then started making videos on Youtube, I know the differences in these two websites.
How to make friends on blogger:
Write a nice comment.
Wait for the owner of the blog to reply.
And BAM! You just got a new friend.
How to make friends on Youtube:
Send them 93 Spiked collars.
And you just got a Youtube buddy..
There's a reason to why that happens. Youtube has a LARGE community so the Animal Jam youtubers get much more subscribers and it is really hard for them to be friends with everyone but on the other hand, blogger has a much smaller Animal Jam community and Bloggers seem to get a little amount of followers. But I have seen so many youtubers that don't have a lot of subscribers but they still avoid us.
It's just weird. I've been making videos for so long and have no friends still but on blogger, I have only 2 followers but so many good friends.
My experience on Blogger was amazing but on Youtube.. Meh. XD I know you guys might be thinking ''Shut up and continue blogging if you hate Youtube that much'' but I can't (for now).
So... Yeah. Bye! <3

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