Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I'm back!

Hello jammers! School ended on 22nd December (which was kinda unexpected) for me. I have a lot of post ideas in my mind, but I couldn't post today because my computer didn't get fixed. Me and my family are going for shopping tomorrow and we might eat out so by the time that we return, my dad would be too tired to fix the computer. There are three laptops in our house but none of them is free. -,- Right now I'm posting on my IPad, just so you know. I could post on my iPad, but I need to collect the images and information from Animal Jam. You can play Animal Jam on IPad, but it gets really laggy...
Now, I don't think I could make item posts very often because I already have other ideas planned. I will post facts, tutorials, top 10s, etc. The thing is, who knows what might happen in these holidays? I might have to stay at my cousins' house for the rest of my holidays or my computer completely stops working and things like that...
Or I might die. XD Just kidding... I just want to let you know that I can't promise to post. Eh, hope you understand...
I will be making some blog changes, but the big change will be... I'm changing this blog's name! "My little jammers" sounds cheesy and it is a complete play on My Little Pony which I know that a lot of people hate. I want some suggestions, comment down below what you think the blog's name should be changed to. I want the name to be related to the word "star" or any thing related to the night. Yes, even the word "dark" or "darkness". I'm no longer "the pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows"! XD
So... Bye! Have a great day/night (depends on your time)!

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