Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 5 creepiest things in Animal Jam

Hi guys! My computer got fixed earlier than I thought so... Here I am! So, today I'm bringing you all the ''Top 5 CREEPIEST things in Animal Jam''! Yes, Christmas time might not be the right time to post this but I hope you still enjoy. I'm calling this ''The Nightmare before Christmas'' post. XD

5. Every SINGLE mask in the game
Image result for animal jam mask
Image result for animal jam mask

Image result for animal jam mask
Animal Jam masks are all creepy. I know they are meant to be creepy because they get released on Halloween, but still... Too much for a game that is targeted towards 7 year old kids. 

4. Greely's Hideout
The stairs are creepy with those black thingies hanging from the top.

Wait... When you reach the top, there is a large fire pond and from the distance, you can clearly see the whole phantom kingdom. The phantom's eye is staring at you...

3. Splatter pattern

Ding ding! Calling all roleplayers! You can now cover your skin in gooey blood to look like someone stabbed you real hard! This all can be found in a game for kids! :) 

2. The hyena Jam-A-Gram
Call me mean but this is creepy! I bet I could scare the young jammers with this face. Send them this Jam-A-Gram. 

1. Spider Zapper 
What you're looking at, my dear, is not a meme face and it is not a drawing by a creepypasta writer either. This is... Art from the Animal Jam Spider Zapper game. I'm not lying. See it for yourself.
Okay, jammers! This pretty much wraps up today's post. I hope to see you guys in my next post! Bye!
-Purplestarclub AJ

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