Saturday, 26 December 2015

The ''RosyStar AJ'' incident: My Opinion

Hi jammers! Yep, I changed the blog's name and URl, so will no longer be valid. Yea... This is a BIG change. All I hope for is that all my followers are still followed. The Animal Jam MoonStar... XD I still miss My Little Jammers, that's for sure! :'3 Don't worry. Purplestarclub hasn't changed even a tad bit. ;) Or did she? X3
So, today I'm going to be talking about something that happened in the AJ community. You might not know this if you don't pay much attention to the AJ youtuber community. Let's talk about it first and then I'll give my opinion on this topic.
Everyone knows who Aparri is, right? If you don't, then he is an Animal Jam YouTuber who got really popular in 2015. He made a video 3 months ago.

He read a few hate comments in the video (in quite a funny way). There was this one comment by a youtuber named ''RosyStar AJ''. She said some mean stuff about him. Aparri's fans started to track her down and they gave a lot of hate to her. Then. she made a video stating that she committed suicide and the video was FAKE! There were loads of comments hating on Aparri for making Rosy commit suicide but she was doing it to gain attention...
My opinion is that suicide is a serious matter! It is so stupid to fake death! Aparri had to feel bad because he thought that it was his fault. There is a ton of proof that this was fake. You can go watch SmileySmiles video on this topic. Well that's it...
Oh and AJ released DONUTS in the sweet thingy party, don't you guys know this is a serious matter. I worship donuts and from now on, this blog is gonna be called THE ANIMAL JAM DONUT. Yes, it's true. I'm DonutStarClub, signing out.
Peace, love, donuts.


  1. //lol it won't let me comment on half your posts idk why :p

    So anyway. Rosystar. Yeah, mhmm, yeah.. I'm pretty disgusted about the whole thing. Like a lot. :)) Like even if she did attempt suicide at all (though I doubt it.. heh), there would be no reason to make a full out lie video saying she's dead when she's not. Ok no. Even if she attempted, she could've just said that instead of saying she killed herself when she's obviously still alive. And she's just making regular editing videos like always. And there's no wifi in rehab and you don't stay for just a week or two. And if your mind is/was on suicide, it would take a whole lot longer to go back to normal and doing stuff as usual (editing videos). It's like she took suicide as a complete joke. Haha, she.. um.. makes me really mad :)).

    Sorry. Had to rant about it. Ok bye. :3
    ~ Cutepups

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