Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Reading My Old and Cringey WikiHow Article

Hello there, people of the universe! Purple is finally posting, yayyyyy.... :clap clap:

Well, that's one way to start your posts. o,o

Anyways, you probably already know what I'm gonna be doing in this post because of the title. But I do need to explain some things.

What exactly is Wikihow? Some of you may know what it is from Julian2's videos but if you don't, it's basically a how-to website. Hopefully, that made sense.

Now, we're going back to the past. When I was 10 or 9 (I don't remember, sorry. XD), I had an obsession over dolls. I was SO obsessed with them that I would look up tutorials on how to ''care'' for them on this website. Weird, I know. Then I started looking up Club Penguin how-to's, for some reason. And then, I came across an Animal Jam article on WikiHow. That's how I came to know about Animal Jam. Thanks, Wikihow! You've ruined my life. :) Obviously, being super obsessed with the website, I started making articles for it myself. Remember that I was only 9 or 10? Well... They were really, really cringey.
I'm going to be reacting to one of these articles. I'm 100% ready to die. :)
Just a note, the article I made was about roleplaying because 9 year old Purplestarclub LOVED adopting on Animal Jam.
:everyone pukes:
Let's, um... Go?
So, this has over 5,000 views. Eww.. Oooh, and the grammar in the article was corrected by other contributors. My grammar and punctuation was absolutely awful back then. XD Other people also added images, so um, thanks?
I remember writing this step. Ughhhh. ''Be a bunny, for example, if you are a newborn.'' Is it just me or does that sound really off? 
Mhm, you'll look FABULOUS. :sarcasm:
Oh, so that's where my messed up personality today came from! I sound serious about this roleplaying thing in this article. XD

HOW CAN YOU SPEAK IF YOU'RE ONLY 1 HOUR OLD?! :screams: HOW?! I guess I lacked common sense back then. :shrugs:

This is way too much. That's one helpless ''NEWBORN'' right there. Would it even know what money is? 

The first warning... I'm laughing. lol 
:dies from cringing so hard:
This was just absolute cringe. If the other authors didn't change it a bit, it would be even cringier. 
Anyways, thanks for reading this awfully cringey post. I'll see you all in my next post! Byeeeeee.
(How many times did I say cringe in this post? XD)


  1. Wow! I remember I edited a wiki article once in Grade 5 on my dad's computer and put "hi this I'd bob". And then my brother somehow got an email saying that he edited a wiki page or somethingXD

  2. Beautiful... just plain beautiful....

  3. Omg you made a Wikihow?! So beautiful. ;v; XD

  4. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!



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