Sunday, 12 October 2014

Skeleton Mask, drawing, banner

Hello jammers! How was your day? Today we have a new item in Bahari Bagains. It's the Skeleton Mask. Wow! That thing is kinda cool.
Well, it's only for 350 Gems! And it's.... MEMBER ONLY! Gosh! Why are you being so unfair AJHQ!? Btw, you can change its colors.
Oh and I have redecorated two of my dens. The fantasy castle is a food shop and the small den is a Halloween party den. Oh,oh I have made a new drawing, 
Yus! They DO need your help! It might be awful but......? 
I made a brand new banner for Night Of The Phantoms.
Hehe. Its awful then ever....

Bye bye, see you!

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