Friday, 8 May 2015


Bonjour jammers! I'm soooooo sorry for being un-active over the past days. The problem is that I'm loosing interest in Animal Jam and Blogger. I almost want to shut down My Little Jammers... Reasons.. owo
Well, I have been pretty busy because school started for me. The new grade (won't tell you which grade it is..  :P) is even awful! So you might not accept long posts from me now. Well luckily, summer is on it's way! Which means.... Holidays! Well not until June for me. :P It's already summer here where I live! ):3 

Oh my. Why do I always go Off topic?! >:P 
Anyways, today's new item is the Bicycle. 
Can you imagine if you are in a car and on the road, you see an animal riding a bicycle?
I don't think that it would be that weird.. o3o
Image result for Animals on a bicycle
Oh mai. 
Ok.. Enough of that.. 
So anyways.. On last weekend. I made an AJMV. We R Who We R 
Wondershare is the best video editor I know, and this video is the worst AJMV I know of. owo
And while I was playing with the effects in wondershare, I got some weird pictures.

Oh, and I made some backgrounds tomorrow.
Extremely girly. :I 
You CAN use these without credit because they're so lame.. 
At least they are the complete size of a desktop background. :D 


  1. I just found this blog today and I read the "about me page and what a coincidence I'm Aisian too! I am half Korean.


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