Saturday, 2 May 2015

Feather earrings

Hi jammers! I am REALLY sorry for not posting over the past days. I had to send my computer to the repair shop. I'm still posting from my laptop though. My computer should be back later today.. This was actually the worst Saturday because of reasons.. owo So... I missed an entire update. Yea the Beach house den stuff.. You know what I'm talking about. :3 Well anyways, the new item today is a pair of pretty Feather Earrings.
I like this item except for the fact it's members only.
We also have a new birthstone for May. 
Oh my. The top of the birthstone reminds me of someone...
Well.. Not that much..
While I was reading the new post on AJS.. It had news about the Enchanted Earth toy series.. 
(Both images were found on the AJS) 
Violet AND Snowyclaw are saying that it is unfair for the boys and I think the same way..
Idk if I'll be getting those. I don't really play with toys now. :P 
Naya look pretty cute! 
And here's a weird and useless graphic.
Ugh, I gotta go. Bye! I hope I can make a longer post tomorrow when my computer is fixed. 

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