Sunday, 26 April 2015

Butterfly Hair Bow

Hi jammers! I'm so sorry for not posting the Graphic post yesterday, I had a big headache. :( Anyways, I am already out of ideas on what to post. I was thinking to edit the Animals page which isn't out yet but there are SO many animals in Animal Jam... Anyways, we have another ''new'' item so that's kinda cool.
This is a really nice item. I like the Purple-ish pink-ish color. :P And it's for Non members! Which is really good, actually. :3 Finally AJHQ is being nice. (oh my gosh I typed ''mice'' instead of nice X3) Here are the graphics.

It was extremely hard to make because my mouse's left click button didn't worked and the new wireless mouse I used was a little TOO fast and it kept on messing the graphics. I also tried to make some Graphic gifs but the editor was being so glitchy. Sorry if these are messy from parts...
And now I have some backgrounds from Google that might be handy if you're making a signature/header etc. I don't own these pictures. Just got them from Google. >:3
They are so pretty! :D 
And now for the Daily Explorer.. They posted the winner for the S.T.E.A.M thingy and The Dawn of the Alphas. 
You know who she looks like? Libertyy! This might be an imposter (there are HIGH chances that it is some other jammer using the Libertyy outfit) but... Who knows. :P I loved how they drew her! I'm not even 1 percent good at drawing. Heh...
Here is the story AJHQ posted on the Daily Explorer.
''amaa was once home to hundreds of animal species of all shapes and sizes. These animals spent their days playing games, going to parties, building homes, and living together as friends.
Mira and Zios, the guardian spirits of Jamaa, gifted each animal species with a Heartstone, a special jewel that contained the essence of that species and held the secrets of its magic.
For many generations, all the Heartstones were kept together in a vault beneath the Lost Temple of Zios. Every animal could visit them and see the unique gifts that each species brought to Jamaa.''

Nice. :3 
Ok.. So bye guys.. See ya!
Jam On!

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