Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Porch Swing

Hi jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was too lazy.. But... I'll have to say that I have to take a break soon. Why? Exams... :'I Anyways, today.. One of our item moved to Treetop Gardens!
Heh, I just realized I didn't took a pic. owo
I've been watching this video a bit too much.
This is pretty funny. =3
*decorates le world weirdly*
Yea, that dramatic Arctic Wolf though.. o3o
Here are some spring graphics:

Have a great day jammers!
Sorry for the short posts these days, I'll blame studies for it. >:3 


  1. How did you edit Mt Shiveer?

    1. I watched this video
      I hope this is the exact link. o,o

    2. You can also make graphics of the items, take a pic of Mt. Shiveer, then put the item graphics on the pic c;

  2. Do you like anime?


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