Thursday, 2 April 2015

Updates+6,000 views :)

Bonjour jammers! Today is Update Thursday! And we also reached 6,000 views! :) I know that's a little amount of views but I'm still happy. Thank you so much guys! Let's start with the updates!
Oooooh, I really like how AJ is making adventures for each holiday! :3 
Yay, you now have a chance to REACH YOUR DREAMS!!! (reach the moon I mean. :P)
Oh. I bought the Polar Bear! :3 
And gave it a ridiculous look. O,O
Gecko, gecko, gecko!!! 

They're pretty cool! 
And did you know that the silly, weird and zany items are still here..?
Heh. Weird, it said that it was their last day.
Oh waiiiiit...
Did AJHQ fooled us?! XD
I didn't got fooled by anyone yesterday.. 
Not even by the bloggers..
I was like ''Aw it's April fool's day'' 
The lies..Lies.lieslies 
 I love this new update, the diamond symbol.
Too beautiful..
:stares o,O:
So.. Bye!!

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