Friday, 10 July 2015

Another late update post

Hi! :3 Ok, ok. I'll explain.

I didn't wanted to post. :I And, no, this blog is not turning into one of those Jamaa Journal blogs. I'll start posting but I'm only gonna post a few times a week because of stuff. 
I'm also late again on the update. 


So yesterday's update was quite a big one. First, we have the new Jammer Wall. 

I'm really happy with the Jammer wall! It's amazing but kinda like Jam-A-Grams, right. Only much better. ;3 You can chat with several jammers there and change the background of your wall and your posts.
And on the next page, it teaches you a little more about the Jammer Wall with a video from Cami.
And it's also being tested by members. 
Next, pet Peacocks are here.
I always wanted pet peacocks in Animal Jam. Now let's hope for Peacocks as animals. :3
Here is my pet peacock. She/he is so Kawai. ♥,♥ 
Ultra PONY.  O,O
Excavation Site den items are heeeree.
 Spend all ur gemmies to buy em.
The items remind me of forgotten dessert because some of them were in that adventure.
I'm not that interested in these items but they're not too bad either.
Awwwh! Pet Ferrets are so cuuuteee!
Yes. Bye bye hyenas.

Now for something that I noticed,
You can say Purplestar in the Jammer Wall! 
I mean, how cool is that?!
But still, who cares.
And the gems are moved back on where they always belonged. 
Gud, now keep it this way AJHQ!
Ok, bye. Enough craziness. >,<

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