Saturday, 11 July 2015

How to get Play Wild on Ipad

Hi jammers! Today I'm going to show you how to get Play Wild on Apple Store. Now, AJHQ said it is released in the app store for Canada, Australia and New Zealand (Am I right? >,<)
But I just couldn't wait and I found out a way to get Play Wild while not being in Canada or any other country. :P

Let's start!
First you need to open up setting in your Ipad.
The icon look like this.
Then click Itunes and App Store.
Click on the thing that says: Apple ID: :your ID:
If you aren't logged in than you can log in I guess. Click on View Apple ID.
 Your Account would pop up.
Now, Click on Country/region 
Click Change Country or Region
There will be a large list of countries. Click on Australia because that's the one I'll be telling you about so.. Umm.. Ya. :3
Click Next and there will be some terms and conditions. 
Click ''agree''. Then another small page will pop up. Scroll down to billing address. Change the Postcode to 5999 (you can change all this information later). Change the State to SA and then you'll see an area that says ''Phone''  Change the Area code to 22.
And click next. A message will pop up saying:
''Your Apple ID is now ready to use with the iTunes Store''
Now you need to click on done on the top. And you're done! Click on App Store, type in Play Wild and download it!
And now, I'm just gonna upload some more Peacock pet pictures.


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