Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Art Contest!

Hey guys! I'm SO sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working on so many projects for my channel AND this blog. I'm really un-organized at the moment. My Youtube channel just hit 1,000 subscribers so I'm thinking of getting back to it! :D I also have some plans for this blog in mind but I don't have any post ideas. 

Well, one of the plans I had was to host an art contest. I won a short wrist in a livestream so I finally thought of a way to use it. :D

*Drumroll please...*

My FIRST ever Art contest! I'd be SUPER disappointed if nobody joins since I've been planning and working on this Art Contest for ages.
Reference sheet:

Here's how to enter:
1. Create your art. It can be traditional, digital, made out of clay, a masterpiece or whatever.
2. Send a picture of it to me through my gmail. purplestarclubaj@gmail.com  or comment a link to it below.
I am giving you guys a lot of time, just so I could get at least 4 or more entries. XD
Additional Information and rules:1. If you have already drawn me before this art contest, please don't enter in an old drawing.
 I want to see fresh content from you guys.
2. Art that is copied, traced or referencing other artwork will be disqualified from this contest.
3. Incomplete/not coloured artwork will not have a high chance of winning. 
4. Art of all forms is allowed here and I won't prefer a specific over another. :) For example, traditional, digital, clay or perler beads, etc
5. Do not discourage others for their art.
6. You are allowed to draw my wolf as a human. You can also draw me with other Jammers or yourself.
7. Try to implement my personality into the drawing, if you don't know me well, check out the "About Me" tab on my blog.
8. This contest will be held on both YouTube and Blogger. So don't get confused if you see entries from people outside of the community.
9. If you lose this art contest, don't feel sad! All entries will be featured. :)
10. Read the rules carefully!
Yup, these are all the rules you need to follow and information you need to know.
Also, if you're not an artist, and still want to contribute in some form... PLEASE share this contest on your blog! I'd be SO happy. You all know that not a lot of people know about my blog so I don't think I'll get that many entries with just posting it alone on my blog. Thanks!
That's all the blabbering I have to do.
(Also, expect another bunch of days without posts from me. I'm working on some other things. :) )


  1. Congrats on 1000 subscribers on YouTube!! That's must feel great! I love he new plate to btw!

    1. Yup! I feel great to have 1k subscribers. Thanks. :D
      And thanks again. It wasn't my best one since I kinda made it up at the last minute but I'm glad you like the new template. :)

  2. Hoorayyy! Congrats on hitting 1,000 subs! You now have 8 times more subscribers than I do XD

    I'm probably going to enter the art contest :P

    1. Thanks! XD

      And thanks for entering the art contest. You did an amazing job on your entry. :)

  3. Hello Purplestarclub! I recently found your blog and its great! :D

    I'll totally be entering this! I love art contests! Also speaking of art, I have the masterpiece you requested! I just need to trade it to you! :D We need to meet up sometime to trade! :3 I'm really happy how it turned out so I hope you like it when you see it!

    1. Thank you!
      And yay! I can't wait to see the masterpiece. I'll send you a buddy request so that we can meet whenever we are online.
      I also drew you! Here's a link to the drawing.
      It isn't the best but I've never drawn a seal before.

    2. EEE I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much Purple! It's adorable! :D

  4. Good luck on the art contest, you guys! ^^

  5. Hey Purple, saw your comment on Crazcatblog... Maybe you could make it so people have to draw just masterpieces, not IRL stuff? :) That might make it ok. Since your giving AJ prizes, it shouuuuld work.


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