Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Reacting To My Old Art Part 2! - The Not-so Old Old Art

Hello everyone! I'm so happy rn because the internet is better today! Yay! I  can finally post. :D

I know I said that I had no ideas, but this happened. I found a sketchbook from late 2015 and so I thought that I should do another ''Reacting to Old Art'' post! I'd been wanting to do another art post for a while, but I just hadn't been making too much art lately. Without further ado, let's jump right into my stupid old drawings!

I'm prepared to die. c:

OH NO. This is so wrong... The hair, the arms, the face, the legs, everything's wrong! I still can't color properly but THAT is awful.
:tries to hold in laughter:
:fails miserably:
LOL This is so wrong in so many ways. XDD The faaaaace. The worse part is, I was REALLY proud of this when I made it. I can't even, just, nope. Next! XD
Edit: I redrew this yesterday! 
I used the same color pencils so that's why it looks really similar. :P 

Yes, that's a pony. I'm an MLP fan... :Purple's true nature has been revealed and now she's dying: 
Is she holding a cookie with a face on it?! Don't do it... O,O

Seriously, why did I draw girls like they were aliens back then? WHY, ME?! Also, that's a VERY bent Starbucks drink, just sayin'. XD

You know when you get a sketchbook and promise not to ruin the first page but ruin it so badly that it looks like it's burning? Well, this is one of those times. Everything's wrong yet again. That creepy pumpkin though. O,O Also, why would a Vampire want to burn the Earth?!


Eeek, this was art for Nafaria9 but it looks so bad! It was my first time drawing a deer but still, it's embarrassing. Such awful anatomy. Especially the neck and the legs. O3O
Anyways, that's all the art I found. Which drawing should I re-draw? I want to see how much I've improved. :3 But I know that I don't draw like that now. Improving slowly is much better than giving up completely. :)
I'm sorry about this post being sorta boring. This was all I could come up with. Expect an AJ related post for the next one. :D


  1. Actually Purple, your old art is really good! I wish I could draw like you can, even like this art when its not as good as your newer! My art is just... bad XD

    1. Hey, your art is really good! That musical coyote you drew had me speechless! Just keep practicing and you will be able to draw even better than me. It just takes time and practice to become super good at art. :D

  2. Also, you should redraw the 2nd one? :D

    1. Yup, I was thinking of redrawing that one too. :)

  3. I love how you re-drew the second drawing- you've really improved a lot! You should post the re-drawn version here.

    Looking at your old art is a great way to see how you've improved- and what you still want to improve. Also, here's an art tip- try to draw for at least half an hour every day. You can simply doodle while watching television if you want, but drawing SOMETHING, even if it's just a little doodle, is how you practice, and practicing is improving.

    Have a fab-wonder-tastic day, and keep on drawing!

    1. Thanks! I edited in the drawing in this post. :D

      Yup, I agree. I try to draw something everyday. I wasn't too serious about art and only drew a little back then. Now, I practice everyday, because as you said, practicing is improving.
      Ty! :)

  4. I remember seeing some of these drawings before! :'D
    I want you to redraw the second one, the Halloween one, or the Naffy one. That's more than one.. oops.

    1. Yup, I've posted a lot of these on other sites before.
      I re-drew the second one. I edited it in this post. :D

    2. Yeah, I'm not sure if I saw some of them on here in the past or if they're just on deviantart.
      Ahh, look at that improvement! I really like how you drew the face and the head angle in your new version. I like the neck too. XD :)

  5. I've always admired your art, and I definitely think you've improved a lot over the years! Even back then your art was amazing!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Naffy! That means a lot. :)

  6. II really love the redo! :D :D


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