Friday, 23 June 2017

Winners' Art + A Tag

Hey there! It's yo boi Aparri here, back with another video.  
:cough cough: Don't worry, it's just Purple back with her unfunny intros. ;D

I felt really productive and completed the winners' drawings in a day. Woo! I complete art really fast (which is why it pretty much always sucks) but I mean 2 drawings in a day is pretty productive for a lazy potato for me.
Here's Crazcatlover's art!
I worked super hard on this because I wanted to make up for the awful drawings I made last time I hosted a giveaway. o,o 
I'm really sorry about the fact that the face isn't focused. :P I think I did an okay job with the shading, wish I added a background though. Anyways, hope you like it, Cat! :D 
Now, here's the art for Violet:
Oops, forgot to crop it! But anyways, I decided to draw Violet's goat on the sidebar of her blog because I've never drawn an AJ goat before. Drawing it was super fun. :D It's just a simple little headshot drawing. but I hope you like it, Violet. :)
Those were the drawings, now onto the tag!
This was the Sunshine AJ Blogger tag. I'm not going to be making any questions or tagging any people since I've already done that. 
I was tagged by Sarahkey8 and let me just say.. I'm so sorry for doing it so late! She tagged me in this tag on 18th May and now it's 23rd June. I'm sorry, I just never got around to doing it. :(
Anyways, let's start answering some questions!

1. What is your favorite book/book series?
Hmm... I don't read too many books (minus school books of course lol) because I never get the chance to go to the library. But my school handed a book of ''Shakespeare's Stories'' last year and I have been stuck ever since. The stories are really fun! I know you're probably asking, ''Purple, you're 7, why are you reading Shakespeare?''. :cough: I'm not 7 and my school decided to put them in our course so why not?
2.  Do you prefer a good book, or a good movie?
As I said before, I don't read a lot of books with stories in them so I definitely prefer movies. I know I'm probably the only one in the Blogger community who actually prefers movies over books but I don't care. Everyone's different, okay?! XD3. What would you do if you got hacked, and the hacker took every one of your items, and deleted your whole entire buddy list
Um.. I'd freak out, of course! I know I can always buddy them all back but I won't be able to buddy back every single person. I am a human after all, I can't remember everyone. XD

4. What is your favorite animal (IRL, and pictures are accepted XD) 

I basically like all animals as long as they aren't reptiles or gross insects, but if I had to chose, it'd be either wolves or cats!
 Image result for CUTE KITTEN
I mean, just look at this little bundle of adorable-ness! XD
5. What is your worst injury you have ever had?
I've never had any major injuries but the one time I fail off of a really high chair has to be one of the biggest. lol I know I don't have a life. 
6. Who 'introduced' you to blogging?

No one! I just wanted to make a website and ended up making a blog.
7. Would you rather be blind or deaf? 

I'd rather be deaf. Not being able to see would be awful. 
8. What  would you do if all animals suddenly died, and we only ate plants (or stuff like that that involves no meat) and we wouldn't have any birds, cats, horses, dogs, etc?

I'd probably just die with them. lol I'm sorry, animals are too precious to me.
9. What is your favorite animal in AJ?

Um.. Uh.. Wolves, arctic wolf, arctic foxes, bunnies, sheep.... and many more. I'm sorry, I can't just pick one! XD
10. What is your favorite thing in Nature

Animals and waterfalls. :D What a weird answer. o,o
11. What is your favorite 'storm' weather? (Light rain, big thunder storm e.t.c)
I LOVE it when it rains heavily. 
Thanks for tagging me, Sarah! I had fun answering all these questions. :)
That's it for this post. Bye!


  1. Thanks for the drawing Purple! I really like it:)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! :O Purple! That art is incredible!! I love it!! :OOO

    Lemme say, you were an amazing artist before but now you are an INCREDIBLE artist!! You have improved, that's so awesome! :D

    Nice tag answers!! :D

  3. Whoa, your art looks awesome! I like the human style one a lot. Look at that coloring. So good, so good. And that's the first time you drew an AJ goat? It's so good. Wow!! You don't deserve to say your art sucks because it doesn't.

    @ #8: lol yeah same. Won't see me living it up in Life with no animals in the world. Sorry nope, I'm gone.

    Everyone reading this: Stop this, Cutepups you fool. :/
    Me: Ayy hey, Purple. :D


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