Monday, 19 June 2017

Yet Another Art Raffle!

Hello there! I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I didn't have any ideas. I still don't have any but I just thought that I should do another art raffle!

If you are unclear on what an ''art raffle'' is, allow me to explain. ;D It's like a giveaway but the prize is an art piece. It's simple. So, without further ado...
Here's the edit that I made for this art raffle! Click to enlarge it if you're having trouble reading. I haven't been editing much lately so that's why the edit looks kind of cringey. XD
The image has the main part of  the art raffle covered but I forgot to write the ending date and some stuff. So, keep reading!
This contest ends in 3 days, meaning you guys have today, Tuesday and Wednesday to enter! I'm sorry for the short time. I'll be VERY busy next week. 
Another thing, there will be two winners just like the my first art giveaway. First place winner will get a full body drawing while the second place winner will get a headshot drawing.
The art might be digital. Who knows? ;)
(Also, I promise I won't make a post  complaining about how awful the art I made for the winners is. Only some people will get what I mean. LOL)
Anyways, that was all I had for this ''Purple has run out of ideas'' post. Goodbye!


  1. 48 XD
    GL everyone! :D
    Also, btw Purple YOUR ART IS JUST AMAZING

    1. TYSM for entering!
      Aww, thanks! That means a lot to me. :)

  2. Oooo, sounds funnn!

    Number: 27

    Good luck!!

  3. Hi it's Mega, I guess 23

  4. Hai it's Snoooooooow
    I guess 68

  5. Ooh, sounds cool! I really love your art, so no matter who wins I'll enjoy seeing the drawings you make ^.^

    User: Crazcatlover (If I win, could you try drawing Princess Spiritrose in human form?)
    Number: 52 (because DC comics lol)

    Have a fabulous day!

    1. Aww, thanks Cat! And thank you for entering. :)

  6. I want to do art raffles in the future when I'm done with all the fan-art I've been drawing lately lol

  7. User: Harmonypurr9
    Number: 35

  8. User: Ja983
    Number: 33
    *King Tough Bunny

  9. @Everyone who commented
    Thank you so much for entering guys! I'll be posting the winners in a few hours. :)


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