Tuesday, 20 January 2015

AJ Sewer Cover

Hey jammers! How are you all? ^-^ I was supposed to make Saturdays the big post days but I collected SO much stuff on Monday to show you that I decided to do that in this post (couldn't wait for Saturday to come :p) Today's new item is the AJ Sewer Cover!!
Weird, XD! I have seen TONS of these things :3 The good thing is that it's Non member! Yay! 
The friendship festival in AJ is super near, I mean Valentines is super near ^-^ Here are some of my outfits for the friendship festivel!

Here's a simple (yet expensive XD) trick to make Mickey Mouse in AJ!

^-^ I'm proud of myself XD Jk
XD But she said that she is a member forever XD  O3O I'm weird OWO
Here's a BETA account.
Did you noticed that? She has a princess necklace! ;3
Idk why but I keep on spinning this little spinning thingy for hours (Mkay, minutes) 
XD O3O It's SO weird!!
Bye guys!
--A TMNT-obsessed purplestarclub XD  Peace, <3, TMNT!!

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