Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Knitted Hat

Hi jammers! How are you guys? Got a bundle of homework, right...? My holidays will end on 12th Jan, Monday! I'm SUPER bored.. None of my buddy gets on because they have to go to school :( Nvm, today's new item is the Knitted Hat.
Why in the land of Jamaa does this doesn't has the '' NEW'' sign on it... Oh. I think that was once released..  I am confused with this item!  XD
Here's a song that I am listening right now: Notice Me by Alli Simpson.
It starts like this: 
Tripping on the glances
Please take your time
But I won't be here forever
One for taking chances
But keep in mind
That I won't be here forever   
Here is a jammer
O,O     O3O
Bye bye jammers! 


  1. I really like Knitted Hats! They look so cute on tigers ^-^ Also, I wanted to send you pics from new AJ's app, Play Wild Beta! But.. :tries to find email on sidebars: how to send pics to you? O,O Anyway, you can visit my blog animaljambangbang.blogspot.com to check out those pics :)

    1. Yup, Knitted Hats are cute! My email is wahabkhawar6@gmail.com. Well, I'll check your blog right away! ^-^


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