Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pink flamingo!

Hi guys! What's up? Today's new item is le Pink Flamingo!
Aka Pinky the Flamingo! :3 It looks rubbery though.... XD
Here is an awesome music video. 
Here's my stupid music video, it has no lyrics, no effects E.T.C in it :3
o3o XD Just check out my cool moves XDD o3o
Then finally, I will tell you why in the world my email is so weird... o3o
W. a . h. a. b were just a couple of random alphabets I picked. Then there's Khawar, it means moon or sun ( I can't remember ) in a language I don't have any idea about XDD 
Bye bye for now!!! See you (if I stay alive)! XD JK

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