Monday, 5 January 2015

Rare Deer Antlers

Hi jammers! What's up? School has started for MANY of you, right? Well.. Not for me! I told you that my holidays are extended, for a reason that I probably can't tell.. So, here is the Rare Item Monday for this Monday!
. checks price. O,O XD It's not that I don't have enough gems.. It's that.. THAT MUCH FOR THIS THING?! XDD No offense.. Here's the most boring outfit I made in the history of boring outfits..
It's called Greendeer! Can you imagine Graindeer..? XD
Ooooooh, it's the Baseball Cap's LAST day! 
Be sure to pick this thing up (if you want to). 
Here are some teeny tiny graphics I made.
Here's a big one. 
Song I'm listening: Part Of Me by Katy Perry. 
Parody of the day: Last Christmas, 
I gave you a trashcan,
and the very next DAY.
you threw him AWAY
This year,
to save him from tears,
I'll get a BRAND NEW trashcan!
. facepalm . Me and Carrot made this up! And guess what!? It was on the list of the Top
Awesom-est Songs Of 2015 :3 JK 
Bye bye guys! See ya!


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