Saturday, 3 January 2015

Marshmallow Snowman!

Hi everybody! I'm SO sorry for the delay in posting and for that small and weird post yesterday, I will delete it right away..
This looks nothing like a snowman, it is a joker!! Lol, I'm not scared of jokers :/ My younger bro IS afraid of them and I find him very annoying.
Here are some jammers.
That's right, but they were a member of the Eww Club ( I have no idea what that is) They were also saying '' Look ''EWW'' and join the EWW club.. '' Lol, they meant they need to look awful to join the Eww Club, XDD

Bye! Sorry for short posts..


  1. XD I like the message those jammers were spreading, even if they were part of the "EWW" club! And thanks so much for putting my banner on your blog! :hugs:


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