Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Icicle Lights!

Hi guys! Happy New Years Eve (if there is anything like that O3O) Today's new Jamaaliday item are these creepy Icicle Lights..
They look like they are gonna fall RIGHT on our heads O,O
Members get one diamond, too. 
Can you believe it? Today is the LAST day of 2014 OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, 
may I continue? :3 I am happy, free, confused and sad at the same time, XD I love copying Taylor Swift! O,O O,O O,O O,O 
Here is a quote I made up:
One could never cross a road without fear unless it is holding someone's hand.. 
.sighs happily. 
Bye bye for now, see you guys tomorrow! Oh, and.. I won't be able to get on tonight (morning for YOU guys). I am going to my dad's friend's brother's wedding X3 this night (morning for you guys) 
Bye, have an AWESOME last day of 2014 and thanks to everyone who IS my buddy or WILL be my buddy.
One last thing, 
'' It ain't important for buddies to just be on your list, they need to be on your heart, too!''


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