Monday, 29 December 2014

Rare Jamaaliday Earmuffs

Hi guys! Today is Rare Item Monday. And we have the Rare Jamaaliday Earmuffs as our RIM.
Ok, it's a nice item, the price would have been a little less but good overall. 
Oooh, almost forgot the Jamaaliday gift.
The inflatable Snowman. It moves like a ghost O.O
The New Years Party just released! Yay!!
2014 really changed my life. I started blogging in 2014, joined the AJ Whip community and now I am here, with friends! Thank you SO much  2014! Now, lets see what 2015 will bring to us. 
: sighs happily :
. Checks blog views. Ooooh, I now have 3000 views, but the weird thing is that I came up to 3,000 views after 100 posts! Only 3,000 views after a 100 posts.. I AM thankful for at least reaching 3,000 but you know how it feels.. And nothing is your fault X3!
I love making parodies, here's one. Inspired by Clarity by Zedd, this is gonna be just a paragraph. 
''If my, teeth are tragedy, why are you NOT my remedy,
If my teeth are not insanity, why do I have cavities...?''
And, no, I don't have cavities. :3
Ok, guys, bye bye, Poetry time for me!*
* But, I am not a poet..


  1. Cool! I also started blogging and all of that in 2014, too! (When I recall how I was like when I first started, I'm like: >~< wow...) XD

  2. I started blogging in 2014 as well! I also started playing Animal Jam at the beginning of 2014 I think... I met ALL my friends on AJ in 2014! I used to be a rare-obsessed jammer, but seeing the AJ Whip, AJ Lights the Way, My Little Jammers and Animal Jam Community made me realize what Animal Jam really was and how friends were more important than rares. I would have never imagined giving rares away as contest prizes a few months ago- but now it seems natural! Thank you to you all! ^.^ I am so excited for 2015! :D

    1. I started playing AJ in the start of 2014 too! Super excited for New Year to come..


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