Sunday, 21 December 2014

North Pole X3

Hi! Today is monday, which means rare item monday. I took most photos from my storage today...
Why is our Jamaliday gift called North Pole?! It isn't North pole it is a ''North Pole <------- Sign'' X3
After every bad item day comes an awesome item day! I love this..
Here is our Jamaaliday Clothing. Reminds me of Elsa or Anna.. Talk about Frozen Jam!
Here is the RIM. Nice that it is non member but .. A little dull colored, isn't it? 
Oh and I have two pictures of weird jammers.

Weird, right. Oh ALMOST forgot the new thing in Treetop Gardens.
I noticed something weird about Dr. Brady Barr's teeth.. Just.. there is something off about this pair of teeth
Bye guys, see you soon!


  1. My thoughts on the items.

    1. The Daily Gift looks cute and sweet. (I say that about all of them...) The top of the world is a cupcake! >:3
    2. Yay, the mailbox is an item. And is nonmember! Always wanted that mailbox. :D
    3. Whoa! AJHQ made the nonmember den item more decorative than the member item. Oh my gosh! :O (nonmember Jamaaliday Planter and member Winter Log Bench).
    4. AJHQ is turning Frozen. Like I don't see enough 6 year old girls crying about Frozen everywhere I go on AJ! *sigh*
    5. The RIM just looks like a red hat and beard (that already exists) with a piece of green awkwardly patched on at the side. :/

    Jammers can be so weird...



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