Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Giant Snow Globe

Hi everyone, how are you today? New Year is SUPER near, YAY! .checks calender. O,O OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, May I continue? :3 New Year celebration will start TOMORROW, if you can believe it.. I will talk about New year stuff later in this post. Here is our Advent gift.  
I already have it! X3 I think it is cute even though I am super picky :3
And.... Here is the Den item for today,
Ok, it will go perfectly with the Snow wall stuff ( I simply can't remember what it is called O3O)
Here is a Gif I made with my new Gif Maker website.. 
This (in my opinion) is the worst gif I have ever made..  It doesn't even looks like a panda. 0 stars for you, Purple.. X3
Now, I have some graphics

Here is the quote of the day, I turned it more quote like but the idea was FULLY from My Little Pony: True friends laugh WITH you, not AT you...--- Pinkie Pie
Back to talking about 2014 and 2015. See,... 2014 was not FULLY the good year for me.. You might have guessed why. Everyone of you saw me being mean to the AJNM.. I just started blogging when I was bullying people.. I was confused, lonely, I didn't knew what to do, where to go? I didn't EVEN know that my words could hurt people.. I was completely new to the blogger community, and maybe even the Animal Jam community.. So, 2015 is the year, to forget about my past self, banish it from the word, start a new beggining as a kind and polite jammer, that's my New Year Resolution.
Oh and here are some sweet Jam a Grams from 2014

I am sorry if I didn't posted your Jam a Grams here, I pasted them in my heart .emotional smiley. XDD
OMG, my winter holidays are EXTENDED! Woo-Hoo!
Bye guys, that's the Jam for this post!


  1. I love your blog. I wish I had a blog as good as your is because it it AMAZING!!! Keep blogging because your AWESOME at it!

    1. Aww!! Thanks SO much! You really made my day, you are a really nice buddy!

  2. That gif looks like Panda's profile pic

  3. Nice post! I like your graphics c;


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