Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What someone learnt in the pillow room

Ok, so I was at the pillow room as always. There was a bunny whose name started with Darling. She was acting cute and really fake.. Plus+ also she was copying other cuter kids. She ignored all the non members! Which is mean well, not as mean as what pupp said '' GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD- WE DON'T SAY ALL MEMBERS ARE MEAN! DO I NEED TO SHOVE IT INTO YOUR EAR? OR WILL IT SHOOT OUT THE OTHER ONE? OBVIOUSLY TELLING YOU ISN'T WORKING!''  That's what Pupp said. Btw lets forget the past.. Oh and lets continue the story. Darling was going like '' is most adorable little bay be bunny in WHOLE universe'' XD That is kinda funny.. I went up to her and just made a little rant  
Why be in a mask of a 2 year old child when you are already so special,
why bully non members when you are also one. 
Why say you need a mom when you already have parents in REAL LIFE.
If she really wanted to roleplay, then why should she make others like the outer you when the inner you is better. Looks don't make a person, its your inner self who make you YOU! It felt like.. she was getting those words written on her mind. Yes, she didn't stopped roleplaying, but as a kid like herself. You must have gotten the moral:
 Looks don't make a person,its your inner self who makes you YOU!
For example: 
A banana can't taste good until its inner self is peeled off XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Bananas don't taste good even if the inner self is peeled off


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