Thursday, 4 December 2014


Yus! Finally, I am doing a update post! I had no idea if it was update thursday or not..
Wow, that's nice...... The gingerbread house! I just need one more diamond so I can purchase this.
Cool, Jamaaliday Jam is a really fun party, be sure to visit there! 
Ohhhhhhhhhh AWWW! Look at that little reindeer..
Finally, something non member.. GREAT! The jamaaliday gift bag is awesome! If you didn't came on for some days, you could get the gifts still! Oh than here comes a.. game...................... I am not a big fan of games.. But if you are, be sure to check the game out!

Woah, AJHQ, you are four days late! We already know about that..!
Ok, I am not gonna be showing the advertisement. Then the jamaaliday gift (s) were a jamaliday candy cane lights and a diamond for members.
AJHQ.. Be good kids or Santa won't give you your presents. .slaps AJHQ. Do you know what you'r doing AJ!? Don't you want all jammers to have a jamaaliday tree in their dens!? I dont know WHEN AJHQ will know that... Oh and...
I made new banners! I also have one for Nafaria9 but it isn't so cool.. 
That's what I have for today! 
Bye bye have awesome holidays!

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