Thursday, 18 December 2014

I am alive!

Hey jammers!! I am alive!!!!! My school canceled our exams so now, my winter holidays are starting! That means.. I am back and alive! I am super excited to be playing AJ again, and posting..
There are SO many updates, I don't KNOW where to start.. Ok, Jamaa Journal TIME!

Aww, they are adorable... Plus, it feels super good to post while eating peanuts, I am doing that.. Try it!
We know that right..?
Aaaand, that too.. But the Jamaaliday Items section is so true. Lookie. lookie!
That's an AWFUL LOT! Woah, you wanna scream?
Now, that's awesome! And look at this cool little jam a gram background!
Thats right, a new Jamaaliday Clothing item.. Creative..
Lets look at the last subject of this post!
The new loading screen is ADORABLE!! AWW!
Xd, that's the little jam for this post! What do YOU would like to see in my posts? Let me know and I will fulfill your demand! I have a lot of time, that's why! Bye bye!


  1. *strokes random purring tuxedo cat that is literally purring into my ear* jk, that's mah kitteh! >:3

    I mean....

    Ah, yes. It is very good to be aware that you are still alive and is not dead. Except if you are secretly a ghost or something that typed up this post. I do not know. Nobody online knows you might be a potato, and the app I got today is difficult because if the triangles.

    Have a nice day! c:

    1. ??.. I forgot to mention I was dead... Nope Jk I was JUST on a small quit for my exams..

    2. >:3

      I saw this fake documentary show once. It made me scared of mermaids. o-o

    3. Yeah, it gave me nightmares. O.O


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