Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cute Snowman Fridge!

Hi jammers! Today we have a SUPER cute Snowman Fridge!!!
And, its animated.
Here is our new den item.

Speaking of dens, did you know that the Snow Fort den JUST came out again tomorrow?
Oh and today is Sunday, right? On every sunday, I do a segment in my posts called '' Buddy Of The Week'', I'm changing it into '' Buddy Of The Month''... It will be held on January 1st. Plus, I haven't decided yet. Oh, and if you already were a '' Buddy Of the WEEK'' before, it doesn't means you can't be on the '' Buddy Of The Month''.  Could you imagine '' Buddy of the Century''?! No way..
Oooh, here's a weird glitch!
Here is the Gif, I made this some days ago but I can't make any more gifs with the website I use..
She's saying '' Hi,'' again and again. She met a lot of people that day O3O
Here is a SCARY video.. It just scared me to death, I won't EVER ask for a Pinkie Pie toy in the future.. Even though its ALL fake..
Click here, .shivers. 
Bye guys, that's it for this post.

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