Saturday, 7 February 2015

Broken hearts o,O

Did chu thought I died? >:33 (I did though O_o) I'm sick, super sick, extra sick. Imma show you the items
Lonely broken hearts :'3 Oh well, hi. 
Yum yum pizza! :P 
:((( Lonely, lonely wittle penguin.. :3 
Swaggy mustache :o
Bye :3


  1. . . . . Maybe the item is suggesting for that foreveralone penguin to scream/sing, "ME AND MY BROKEN HEART!" Oh and then, that swiggity swaggity mustachio owl laughs at the foreveralone penguin. The owl then offers the penguin a half of the heart necklace by throwing the jagged edge of it towards him. Then, they both sing very cheesy songs about friendship while eating pizza. =3


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