Friday, 20 February 2015

Clover blanket+swag (like always o3o) ;3

Hi cute little jammers *W* It SNOWED where I live O,O Now back to that boring game called Animal Jam. Today's new item is the Clover Blanket.
Clover the bunny. o,O
Sofia The first. Childish cartoons. O3O 
Enough of my weirdness. (actually, no huehuehue)
As you know (wait, do you?!) that I have restricted chat. I have some beautiful emotes 0,o 
>;3 Mehehehe... 
Bye. Actually. Nu. I've planned to take some selfies ;3 :stupid #Selfie music in le background:
(yes, yes) 
Always finish the post with SWAG (lesson of the day huehuehue)
Bye  Anything else Purple? :3 Nu nu. You're free :P Bye now. 


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