Sunday, 22 February 2015

Clover Bench

Hiiii! Did chu noticed the glitches sidebar image? >:3  I'll be making more of these ;) Today's new item is the Clover Bench!
Yay (the price XD)!  Thanks for something unexpensive AJHQ, no thanks for something member >:P)  
Nooow.. some of the videos from one of my favorite channels, RainbowTheCat AJ!! 

Hehe, these are hilarious. 
Ok, now.. I'll talk about a random moment in AJ.
So.. It was December and I was just hanging out with my blogger buddies :3. All of a sudden, I got a notification saying I got 29 diamonds and 10,000 gems! O,O That was so.. Idk, weird, awesome, surprising >:3  
Okie, now.. Bye :3 

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