Monday, 2 February 2015

Rare Heart Antenna Headband!

Hey soul sister! O,O Sorry, I was listening to that song X3 Its raining here :3 I always love a little rain. Well, Spring has started where I live AHH OMG YESS! The RIM:
Let it gooo! :3 Sorry, yet again :p The item is so cute and joyful. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO! :3 Oh gosh.. The colors so remind me of Frozen o,O
Playing AJ in a cinema: 
O3O Idk how that happened... Romeo, O3O gosh, Taylor Swift I LOVE YOUR SONGS O,O I'm so weird
Buh bye! 


  1. I love your new header!!!! Sorry I haven't commented recently, I have been so busy with schoolwork. >.< Agh- so many tests and quizzes. O-o
    It's RAINING where you are? We have over a foot of snow! XD And so lucky that spring has started...


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