Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hey jaaaaammers :3 I'm sick so I slept in :P No school today! I might have school tomorrow if I stay alive (I think I'm gonna die today O3O)
                                                      ANYWAYS.. OWWWWWWWOOOOOO OWLSSSSS O3O
Aww.. I really hope they were Non member :( Though, they are cute :333 They remind me of my dead budgies :( :( :( 
There actions:
Sit (she looks grumpy there >;3 XD) 
Dancing :) 
Hopping :P
Sleeping (they sleep like an old grandma XD) 
:3 She broke her neck X3 
Here are the items

Whatever.. :p 
MEHEHE For all you wittle babies out there OWOO
And.. To end this post...

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