Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Clover rug

Hi jammers and happy Saint Patrick's day! Sorry I'm posting pretty late, I had to go to a funeral (on SAIN'T PATRICK DAY) O,O I don't have enough time to post but I've decided to make this kind of a long post :3 So today's new item is The Clover Rug!
The price, the fact it is non member.. I wuv this item. >:3 
I always wanted to pet a Lion. >:3 
Even though they can hunt me down, eat me alive, just like animals, animals, LIKE ANIMALSSSS! O3O 
Now, time for something useful (after CENTURIES) owo
Some of the most useful and handy softwares or websites: 
PicMonkey is one of the best Photo editors. I wasn't that interested in it until I watched Wisteriamoon's video and saw how much you can do on PicMonkey ;) 
You can make slideshows, edit pictures, edit videos at Kizoa! :) 
Gifmaker.me is really helpful when it comes to making gifs! 
If you want a new signature, Cooltext will help!
Screencast-o-matic is a great screen recorder that you can use with downloading or without downloading! ^-^
Ok, this is getting long! :P 
Here's the Epic Seasonal tree today: 
The little leaves look SO weird in this picture!! :o
Mkay, bye! 

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  1. Cool! :D

    Aww, that's sad that you had to go to a funeral on St. Patrick's Day. :(


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