Sunday, 15 March 2015

Clover skirt

Hello jammersssssss! :3 This is gonna be kind of a short post.. :C  I have been spending so much time on youtube these days :P Anyways, today's new item is the Clover Skirt in Bahari Bargains!
                                                           Whatsoever. owo
Here are some of my favourite animals.

         (it's a cute little arctic wolf pup aww)

Wowsies that's just ''SOME'' of the animals I like o,o
                                   ONLY. SOME. O,O  Eh, I love every animal anyways XD OMG I just realized that I didn't put tigers and lions, omg, they are important in life!!! >:3
                                                 Except for creepy snakes, they are such swag though 8D
                                                  And bats
                                              and crocodiles
                                          and lizards
                                   I can stop now X3

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