Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hi jammers, sorry for not posting yesterday. I had to revise 5 chapters per subject for tests.. >,< I know my life is torturous. I,I
:reads last posts:  Aaaaand, I lost my sense of humor again >:3
I didn't knew it was supposed to be Update Thursday! :P
Let's read the Jamaa Journal.
Oooh, yay! :3 
This IS kinda useful.. :3 

Best dressed. o,o 
We already know about the Clover Armor, right? 
Ooooh, look. Another Minibook with some childish information that we can read >:D 
I joined BEFORE the April fool's party in 2014 so.. I'm not THAT new :3333
Aaaand, here's the new item:
Musketeers must look faaaaancy! 
:looks at pictures of musketeers: 
I was wrong. X3 
I saw someone IRL that looked like Julian2 O.O  
Here is what the Seasonal tree looks like, today. Wow, does it changes EVERYDAY? 
Something crazy but AWESOME: 
Pi day items are baaaaack! Buy yours as soon as you can XD
What an awesome glitch o.o

Ok, so. Bye! 


  1. O Mai 0.0

    Oh and AJHQ are liars. /;

    1. Saying the pi items would only be for sale on Saturday and Sunday. But NOO... AJHQ brings them back. Happysadhappysad.


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