Monday, 2 March 2015

Rare Construction hat+Weird poems o-o

:awkward silence:               Hi.   oWo  It's monday... >:(  (I'm your calender >8-3)  The RIM:
AJHQ wants us to be Constructors when we grow up. O_o  
Nah.. Jk. (Like usual :P)  
Ok, poem (more like ''song'') time!! 
I don't even own the first two. :'P 
Jingle bells 
by: Idk. 
Jingle bells, 
my armpit smells,
my dog ran away  (I changed this a little ;3) 
I have no friends, dropped my contact lens 
Wish my luck will change someday 
by: Unknown o2o 
I'm secretly Batman,
but no one ever had a clue.
I saved the world from destruction 
and I grew up in the zoo.
My sad old life
By: Purplestarclub >:3
When I was little (which I still am) 
I got attacked by a ram (o,o) 
 My friends made fun of me,
and I fell from a tree 
and got stung by a bee 
I was just kidding there, huehuehue. 
Now, bye. I hope I make an ALL AJ related post yesterday.. I'm making this a ''My Little Human o,o'' 


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