Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Clover trident

Hi. :3  I want to go to Hollywood cuz I think I'm a star, purpleSTARclub. OWO Now let's be serious (let's not. >:3) Today's new items are...
It's not Triton, ok? X3 
Something you will see in a hospital...
I'm never serious about stuff. 
:listens to that serious Radioactive song: 
I also feel Radioactive c: 
What does that mean? :333 
You are not supposed to answer that.
Mkay........ :-< 
Now, may I tell ya how to make a gif-graphic, graphic-gif, whatever. DX
First, make two/or any amount of GRAPHICS. >:3 Do I need to tell how to do that too... >:( 

They don't need to be perfect, make sure they're kinda similar, you're kinda animating graphics. 
Then, you need to go to a gif making websites. I use Gifmaker and sometimes Make-a-gif. I'd recommend Gifmaker cuz' it's more kid-friendly. ;3
Then, upload your images, click ''create gif animation''  then click ''Download this gif'' It's take less than a minute and you have your Graphic-gif! :)
I know this is weird, now enjoy another ridiculous AJMV I made. :3
Pretty ridiculous, right? RIGHT -.- 
Now, bye! 


  1. Hullo dere. >:D When I was 5-7 years old, I used to think that the word trident was the same as the name Triton. (Yus, I'm weird.) But that was when I was dumb and immature. O3o

  2. It's not a virus or anything like that right?

    1. Nope, it's just like downloading a picture. :)

  3. You're part of a starCLUB. And we are your club. So take us with you!


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