Saturday, 28 March 2015

Flower Crown

Hi jammers! I'm SOOOOO sorry for being that inactive over the past days.. The truth is that I'm loosing interest in AJ and Blogger too. Everytime I start typing a post, I'm like ''Eh, I'll post tomorrow'' but never do. :( Plus, my exams are just too near :c
Today's new item is the Flower crown!!
Ok.. This might seem crazy. (what I'm about to say, sunshine she's here you can take a break :P) 
But I'm REALLY happy they returned! 
Now I can girly-fy my animals owo
And I bought all of them.. 
Because, I'm stupid.

See! Everybody else is happy too (I actually don't know X3) 
Aaaand.. Now I'm gonna be showing you some weird/crazy etc. stuff about Animal Jam :3
A headdress and a mira statue? I'm confused.
Oooh, so many betas..? 
Another beta..? Why does every jammer go crazy for betas when they can get 'em in stores.. Jk but like. Seriously?
I think the stores kinda look good with the betas but it's KINDA weird..
Can you read what it says? 
These easter eggs are so kool c(-: 
So, bye!
See you in my next video
I'm obsessed with videos :3 

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